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Donna Troy continues to have nightmares of Mal burning up in orbit over Venus. The Teen Titans head to the control room to get an update on Mal's progress. Mal is just breaking away from the Moon's gravitational pull, when his ship passes through a cone of brilliant light. Despite the turbulence, Mal rights his ship, and continues on course for Venus. Loren Jupiter assures Mal that a retrieval rocket is almost ready, and that they will be coming for him. As the Teen Titans prepare for their space flight, Lilith Clay confesses that she was aware that Mal had stowed away on the unmanned flight to Venus. The team takes great umbrage with her confession, a few even voice regrets for allowing Clay to join the team. Clay loses her telepathic connection to Mal.

The Teen Titans blast off into space. Don Hall attempts to establish contact with Mal every fifteen minutes. In the isolation of space, Troy reflects on the recent past. The Teen Titans were at a Peace Rally, attended by Doctor Swenson, a man regarded as a modern day saint. Rabid militants disrupted the rally, and despite the Teen Titans' presence, murdered Swenson. The Teen Titans were called before the Justice League of America, and severely chastised for their role in Swenson's death. The Teen Titans were approached by Jupiter, who put them on a whole new path. They would no longer wear their costumes, or use their powers, but they would continue to make a difference in the world.

They encountered Mal on their first assignment for Jupiter, during a conflict with a motorcycle gang called the Hell's Hawks. Mal was invited to join them, but refused until he felt he had proved himself worthy of their ranks. To that end, Mal boarded the unmanned space craft, bound for Venus. Arriving at the Moon, the team splits up their ranks to complete their dual missions. Hall remains in orbit over the Moon, in the Command Module. Wally West and Clay break off in the Venus Probe Chaser to rendezvous with Mal. Hall's brother Hank, along with Troy and Roy Harper, take the Landing Module to the Moon's surface, to investigate the light phenomena witnessed by Mal.

Landing on the lunar surface, Hall, Harper and Troy discover that the equipment left behind by the historic Apollo 11 mission is gone. While Troy stays behind with the Landing Module, Hall and Harper head out to explore the surrounding terrain. Upon their return, they discover Troy missing. The Venus Probe Chaser's tracking device malfunctions. West is forced to rely on Clay's psychic abilities to locate Mal. Tethered to the Venus Probe Chaser, West collects Mal, providing him with the proper gear to survive a space walk. Before they can return to the Venus Probe Chaser, the ship begins to roll, snapping their tether line. West uses a jet propulsion gun to propel them towards the Venus Probe Chaser, which Clay manages to stabilize.

With Mal safely on board, they return to the Moon. Hall and Harper see Troy being carried towards them by aliens, seemingly made of light. Responding to radio signals sent to their distant galaxy, the aliens had been attacked by raiders, and forced to land on Earth's moon. Their hope was to use the remnants left behind by Apollo 11 to repair their own ship. Troy convinces the aliens to return the items, and promises to send back help, when the Teen Titans return to Earth. The Landing Module and the Venus Probe Chaser reconnect with the Command Module. During the return trip back to Earth, the Teen Titans momentarily succumb to hallucinations, brought about by a momentary oxygen imbalance. The Teen Titans viciously fight against one another, until West can correct the malfunction. Two weeks later, a woman screams at the actions of two shadowy figures. For what she has witnessed, the men take off in pursuit of her.

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