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In pursuit of a fleeing suspect, Hawk and Dove literally collide with the Teen Titans. Assuming Hawk and Dove are accomplices, Speedy belts Dove, inciting Hawk's rage. Hawk punches Speedy, only to be flipped by Robin. Dove attempts to restrain the Boy Wonder. As soon as Robin strikes Dove, Hawk attacks the Boy Wonder. Speedy fires an arrow which disorients Dove. The young hero tries to steady himself against some crates, causing them to fall towards Wonder Girl. Seeing her peril, Hawk rescues Wonder Girl. Finally the teen heroes settle down enough to talk. After inspecting the transporter their quarry stepped into, Kid Flash learns that it's set for two locations. Hawk hurries Wonder Girl and Dove through to the first destination. Speedy, Robin, and Kid Flash are left to take the second.

Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl are teleported to Istanbul, Turkey. After taking out the guards, they begin to explore their surroundings. Watching from a monitor in Berlin, a sinister pair set their trap in motion. As the heroes wander down a corridor, the columns lining the corridor begin moving in on them. Once the heroes have been suitably boxed in, a large statue rolls towards them, flooding the room with gas. Meanwhile, Robin, Kid Flash and Speedy find themselves teleported to Germany, specifically within an interconnecting air raid shelter system. Following the railroad tracks proves unwise, as soon the Teen Titans come under fire from a rolling arsenal, traveling down the tracks. The Teen Titans go on the offense, quickly commandeering the vehicle.

Suddenly, clear barriers drop in place before, and behind, the vehicle, trapping the Teen Titans. The armored vehicle transforms into a robot spider. In short order, the Teen Titans are downed by the robot's electrical armaments. Watching from the monitor, the two villainous figures are about to carry out the Teen Titans' execution, when their eyes go glassy. In a hypnotic state, they are ordered to turn Kid Flash and Robin over to their mysterious controllers. While Hawk and Wonder Girl futilely hurl themselves at the door to their cell, Dove works his bonds off. Finding a crack in the door, Dove places their combustable rubber handcuffs into the crevice. Dove then instructs Wonder Girl to ignite the cuffs, with a spark generated by slamming her bracelets together, blowing the door.

After Hawk beats down the guards, the trio teleport themselves to Germany. There they discover Speedy, still locked in with the robot spider. At Dove's behest, Wonder Girl loops the robot's control box, and pulls it loose. The robot topples over, onto Speedy. Hawk and Dove leap underneath the robot before it settles, then slowly push it up just enough to pull Speedy free. The group sets about to search for Robin and Kid Flash. When the corridor splits in two, Hawk ushers Wonder Girl down the lefthand corridor with him. Enraged by his jealousy, Speedy attacks Hawk. Wonder Girl breaks up the fight. The group proceeds down the two corridors, meeting back up at the other end.

As Hawk, Dove, and the Teen Titans take down the criminal syndicate, their mysterious leader looks to his superiors for advice. His alien masters command him to activate the base's self-destruct system. Dove stops him from throwing the switch. Speedy's attempt to interrogate the man fails, as the man falls into a hypnotic trance with every question asked of him. With the immediate crisis over, Hawk and Dove begin to transform back into their civilian identities. Before that can happen, they race out of the complex, leaving the Teen Titans behind. Speedy blames Hawk's abrupt departure on his poor treatment of the two heroes. Wonder Girl and Speedy are left with the task of finding their missing teammates, alone. At that moment , Robin and Kid Flash lie unconscious, in another dimension. Strapped into a strange device, it's purpose unknown. Their alien captors already making plans to bring Speedy and Wonder Girl under their influence, as well.

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