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A mysterious costumed figure invades the Teen Titans lair, then purposefully tips off his presence. The Teen Titans are first lured to their training room, where they discover a jack-in-the-box has triggered their alarm. Hearing sounds coming from their meeting room, they double back to find the costumed man, Joshua, waiting for them. Speedy reaches for Joshua, only to be repelled by an electric charge. Kid Flash, too, attempts to penetrate Joshua's electrical barrier, to no avail. Joshua electrifies Wonder Girl's bracelets, to keep her at bay. Slipping on a pair of insulated rubber gloves, Robin confronts Joshua, offering to hear his story. Joshua informs the Teen Titans that a group of teenagers are planning to demonstrate, outside a local police station, on account of one of their friends being arrested.

Joshua's sources say the teenagers plan on coming to the demonstration armed. Joshua leads the Teen Titans to the teenage gang. While the Teen Titans try to reason with the teenagers, Joshua returns to his secret lair, to eavesdrop in on a criminal enterprise, known only as "Operation: Jericho". The teenagers turn out to be armed only with water pistols. Refusing to listen to reason, they attack the Teen Titans, en masse. At first the Teen Titans hold back, but soon enough, they find themselves fighting for their lives, in the middle of a full scale riot. One by one, Joshua pulls the Teen Titans out of the conflict. Joshua parts company with the Teen Titans, leaving them to conduct their own investigation into the situation. The teenagers report to a shady character, called "Fat Cat", informing him that the Teen Titans prevented their demonstration.

Fat Cat informs his superior, a man known only as "Regional Leader NG3", who, in turn, reports the Teen Titan's involvement to his superior. The order is given to destroy the Teen Titans. Though Joshua overhears the order to murder the Teen Titans, he chooses not to warn them. Joshua, instead, opts to finish his countermeasure against "Operation; Jericho". The leader of the teenage gang, Chuck, comes to the Teen Titans, requesting their aid. Though Robin suspects a trap, he allows the team to follow Chuck into a seedy tenement building. There, the Teen Titans are bombarded with hyper sonic sound waves, as well as a disorienting kaleidoscope of lights and colors. Chuck's gang beats the Teen Titans senseless, then turns them over to Fat Cat. The teenagers are sent off to carry out "Operation: Jericho".

The teenagers think that they're merely painting Park Avenue green, as a symbolic protest against capitalism. In reality, the paint is really plastic explosive. Fat Cat intends to blow Park Avenue into Grand Central Station. In the resulting panic, Fat Cat's thugs will loot all the surrounding banks. Upon overhearing Fat Cat's true intentions, Chuck tries to intervene, only to be beat down by Fat Cat. Joshua, in turn, beats down Fat Cat, then frees the Teen Titans. With Kid Flash leading the way, the Teen Titans, Joshua and Chuck race to Park Avenue. En route, Joshua reveals that he is Chuck's older brother, Dave. Joshua activates a signal jammer to try to prevent the explosives from being detonated. The Teen Titans take down Fat Cat's men, but one of them manages to trigger the detonation.

Instead of blowing up, the painted area trembles, then swells up, taking on the shape of a rapidly expanding gelatin mold. As the cylinder grows to epic proportions, a horrific creature can be seen within, it's arms reaching up and out. Joshua's signal jammer somehow causes the cylinder to harden, then crack, then crumble. Before the cylinder completely crumbles to pieces, the creature withdraws, back to it's home dimension. The alien beings in that dimension are outraged that, once again, the Teen Titans have thwarted their invasion scheme of Earth. With Fat Cat taken down by the Teen Titans, the movers and shakers behind Fat Cat's operation decide to take action against the Teen Titans. Regional Leader NG3 is instructed to allow the Teen Titans to take down his organization, then feed them enough information to lure them to the true head of their syndicate. A man who will be well prepared to slay the Teen Titans.

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