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Sylvester Sepastopol approaches the Headmaster-Mind with a scheme to destroy the Justice League of America. Sepastopol is unceremoniously shown the door, on account of his young age. To prove himself, he sets his sights on destroying the Teen Titans. Robin, the Boy Wonder is about to split the team up, to respond to separate crises, when Speedy arrives. Speedy whisks Wonder Girl away with him, to handle the crisis in New England. Speedy and Wonder Girl journey to Bridgebury High, where several incidences of anti-semitic based violence has occurred. The duo arrive in the middle of a full scale riot. Wonder Girl and Speedy are quick to quell the violence. Sepastopol approaches the two heroes, identifying himself as the man who sent the request for aid. Sepastopol leads Speedy and Wonder Girl to his apartment. There he locks them inside a room with a strange device.

Sepastopol's machine increases the pull of gravity on Speedy and Wonder Girl, pinning them to the floor. Sepastopol then reverses the mechanism, canceling out the gravity in the room. Wonder Girl and Speedy are rendered unconscious when they crash into the ceiling. When they revive, Wonder Girl finds that she has been boud by her own magic lasso. Speedy is merely tied to a chair, with his bow and quiver well out of his reach. Sepastopol dons a costume of his own. Calling himself "Punch", Sepastopol teleports away. Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad arrive in the midwest, just in time to spy a group of angry farmers closing on some teenagers. KId Flash hastily erects a barrier of haystacks between the farmers and the teenagers. After Robin and Aqualad have beaten the farmers into unconsciousness, they join the other teenagers, inside their discotheque. Once inside, the Teen Titans are bombarded with hypersonic sound.

A group of teenagers, outfitted with protective ear wear, rush into the room, to beat the Teen Titans down. KId Flash attempts to out run the sound waves, only to be subjected to a disorienting psychedelic light show. Blinded, he is easily subdued. The Teen Titans awaken in bondage. In a show of sadism, Punch has suspended Aqualad above a tank of water. Punch departs to inform Headmaster-MInd of his triumph. Robin knocks himself to the ground, to grab and draw Speedy's bow. Using his teeth to hold the arrow, Speedy aims at the rope holding Aqualad above the tank. The arrow severs the rope, dropping Aqualad into the tank of strength replenishing water. Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Aqualad take out Punch's minions. Cornering Punch, Speedy and Robin play "rock-paper-scissors" for the honor of hitting the bad guy. Robin wins, and punches Punch into unconsciousness. At the adventure's end, Speedy and Aqualad depart on personal business.

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