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Trust Issues

Plot analysis:

The last issue have teen titans was a poor one focusing mainly on red robin. This issue because of the requiem also focused on red robin, but the problem is Tim Drake is all over the place. Not only is his character kept in the dark to his "secrets." His character is also so screwed up with his possession by some force. Another thing that got me confused about this character was his lamentation for Damian Wayne. Damien and Tim never got together even in the new 52. This issue overall just makes Tim more confusing.

On the other hand. There were good qualities in this book. Some of the past sub-plots were introduced again with a better flow in the issue and the requiem tie-in didn't mess up the overall plot for the most part. An interesting point was made when red robin declared that the titans trust no one, and judging by the artwork all the members seem to agree. This creates a new ideal of the teen titans which the team needed since there is barely any cohesion in this team because of poor development.


The art is definitely better than the last issues since the titans don’t look like dolls anymore, and the action was displayed nicely.


This issue was better than the last, but there are still the same problems. The dialogue between the teens felt weak and useless, and there are too many sub-plots. There is still no resolution to these sub-plots at all! I'm very interested in how Lobdell will carry this through especially with this Trigon Story arc. He has done good things with superman and has improved on red hood and the outlaws. It will definitely be interesting either way.

no one trusts you Tim.


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