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The Teen Titans are summoned to Stockholm, to aid in preventing renowned jewel thief, Andre Le Blanc, from stealing the crown jewels of Sweden. The Communist hero, Starfire, has been brought in on the case, for his prior experience in dealing with Le Blanc. From the start, Starfire does not get along with the Teen Titans, particularly Kid Flash. The Russian teen is forthcoming with details pertaining to his origin. He and his archaeologist father were investigating a meteor impact in the Yenesie River, in Siberia. They discovered the wreckage of an alien spacecraft, deep in the impact crater. The curious boy descended into the crater, alone one night, and was subsequently bombarded with strange alien radiation. The exposure super charged his cells, endowing him with enhanced speed, strength, and stamina.

Le Blanc strikes at one of Stockholm's jewel marts. A not quite unconscious security guard manages to activate the silent alarm, summoning the Teen Titans and Starfire. Kid Flash leads the charge, but Le Blanc floors him with a hastily tossed display pedestal. Starfire closes in on the fleeing thief. Le Blanc spins around unexpectedly, and kicks Starfire in the face. In a matter of seconds, Le Blanc makes his escape. Starfire take Kid Flash to task for getting in the way of his attack. The two teens nearly come to blows, before Robin steps in and diffuses their conflict. In his secret lair, Le Blanc goes over the building schematics for the the Stockholm jewel mart. Certain of his success, Le Blanc sends a taunting message to the Teen Titans, and Starfire. Unable to work together, the Teen Titans take their leave of Starfire.

During the day, Le Blanc secrets himself within the Sheldorf Diamond Center. After nightfall, Le Blanc, avoiding all security measures, makes his way over to the crown jewels. The Teen Titans, however, are also on the premises. Aqualad encounters Le Blanc first. Aqualad chases Le Blanc into the center's ventilation shafts. Le Blanc, however, doubles back out, and seals Aqualad inside the shaft. Kid Flash races after Le Blanc. The wily jewel thief leads Kid Flash into a trap. Tripping an electric eye, Kid Flash triggers an explosive device, set to detonate if Kid Flash makes another move. From the shadows, Starfire observes the Teen Titans struggles with Le Blanc. Robin and Le Blanc briefly trade blows, before Le Blanc gets the better of the Boy Wonder. Robin is left bound to a spiked chandelier, which will impale him should he tug on the ropes binding him.

Finally, Wonder Girl, too, is defeated by Le Blanc, who leaves her bound by her own magic lasso, the end of which he inserts into an electrical outlet. The crown jewels at last in his grasp, Le Blanc prepares to depart, when he is confronted by Starfire. The Russian teen chases Le Blanc into the subway station. There, Le Blanc once again bests Starfire, leaving him to die on the subway track. The arrival of the Teen Titans surprises Le Blanc. Starfire has freed them all from the traps Le Blanc left them in. Le Blanc hurls a grenade at the Teen Titans. Wonder Girl catches it with her magic lasso, and disposes of it. Kid Flash pulls Starfire off the subway line. When Kid Flash loses his balance and stumbles towards the oncoming train, Starfire rescues him. Le Blanc tosses the crown jewels into the sewer, forcing Aqualad to retrieve them. Robin confronts Le Blanc, and mercilessly beats him into unconsciousness. Though separated by their conflicting ideologies, the Teen Titans and Starfire achieve a respectful accord, and part as friends.

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