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Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad are in attendance, at a Command Performance, for the Queen of England, in Buckingham Palace. Suddenly, the Mad Mod appears, to steal the Royal Scepter. Kid Flash races up the stairs to nab the Mad Mod, only to be beaten back by a beefeater. Wonder Girl momentarily gets a hold of the Mad Mod, but a blow to her head, from the Royal Scepter, sends her crashing back down to the floor, on top of Aqualad. The Teen Titans had come to England, at the bequest of the Queen, to attend the Command Performance. Upon arrival, they were presented with dress costumes. While Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Aqualad partook of London's social scene, Robin toured the city's historical sights. By happenstance, the Boy Wonder is accidentally locked inside the Tower of London, and thus is absent for the Command Performance.

Kid Flash races after the Mad Mod's getaway van. Strangely, Kid Flash is quickly overcome with fatigue, and resorts to stealing a motorbike, to continue his pursuit. Aided by the London fog, Kid Flash is able to keep out of sight, as he chases after the Mad Mod. Unfortunately, the lack of visibility cuts both ways, as Kid Flash crashes into a haystack. On foot, Kid Flash catches up with the Mad Mod at the Chalk Charger, a seedy pub. Eavesdropping on the Mad Mod's conversation, Kid Flash learns that the Royal Scepter has been buried in the "ear" of an enormous chalk carving of a horse. Kid Flash retrieves the Royal Scepter, only to be brought down by the Mad Mod. Kid Flash radios the Teen Titans that the Mad Mod plans to bring the Royal Scepter to Loch Ness. Aqualad closes in on the Mad Mod's submarine, and retrieves the Royal Scepter from it's hiding place, within a large vase.

Fatigue, too, overwhelms Aqualad, who is unable to swim fast enough to escape the Mad Mod's net. The Mad Mod ties Aqualad up, within a tower, leaving him to die, from dehydration, when his hour out of water has elapsed. Aqualad summons the Loch Ness monster to the tower. As the creature pushes itself into the tower, it's mass displaces the water down below, causing it to rise high enough to engulf Aqualad. The monstrous size of the creature also brings the tower crashing down, freeing Aqualad. Wonder Girl pursues the Mad Mod to Stonehenge. She, too, is able to reclaim the Royal Scepter, from the Mad Mod's hiding place. Not without immense effort, though, as her Amazonian strength seems to be failing her. A mob of druids descend on Stonehenge, to offer Wonder Girl their adulation.

The Mad Mod's gang fight their way through the druids, allowing the Mad Mod to subdue Wonder Girl, and take back the Royal Scepter. Kid Flash, Aqualad and Wonder Girl reconvene, each noting the absence of the Boy Wonder. The team tracks the Mad Mod to his likely hide-out, the Ungrotty Grotto, in Cornwall, England. En route, the team change out of their dress uniforms, into their old costumes. Immediately, they feel the full strength of their powers returning. Somehow, the Mad Mod had sabotaged their dress uniforms to sap their abilities, giving him the edge in their conflict. The Teen Titans arrive at the Ungrotty Grotto just in time to see the Mad Mod hurl a body over the cliffs, and into the sea. Aqualad dives in, desperate to save the Mad Mod's unfortunate victim. Before Aqualad can reach the figure, a Killer Whale clamps it's jaws down over the passive form.

Kid Flash takes out the Mad Mod's minions, while Wonder Girl chases after the Mad Mod. A hastily pitched rock sends Wonder Girl tumbling over the cliffside. The Mad Mod then darts into the maze-like depths of the cliff grottos. Aqualad shoves seaweed pepper pods into the Killer Whale's blowhole, causing it to relinquish it's grip on the figure. The figure turns out to be a dummy, with the Royal Scepter hidden inside. A fatal miscalculation finds the Mad Mod trapped within the grotto at high tide. Just before the water fills the cavern, submerging the Mad Mod in the cold sea, Aqualad arrives to rescue him. The Teen Titans return the Royal Scepter to the Queen, then meet up with Robin at their hotel. The Boy Wonder goes on a tirade over how he missed the Command Performance, prompting the team to keep mum about their adventure.

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