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red goes with red

Plot Analysis:

If you've been falling behind in teen titans because of it's quality, you might want to give it a second chance. The dialogue is getting better, and this issue definitely satisfied my taste because it had action. It was a battle of the reds. Red hood getting violent with Red Robin was awesome. It was interesting how they had a brotherly connection because they knew what they had to do. They both made a plan (actually Red Robin did and hood just followed) to stop the joker. The one problem with this "brotherly connection" is how did this come up? when did these two get the time to know each other? According to red robin they've been fighting together for years, but how does that fit with the batman timeline? Another main problem was there wasn't much teen titans involvement. The rest of the team only got 1 page. Come on get it's supposed to be TITAN's TOGETHER!


The panels for the splash pages were a bit confusing.


It's a definite improvement. The next story arc with Raven should be epic. This series needs more team development!

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