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The Teen Titans arrive in Hippieville, U.S.A, in search of a runaway, named Ken Matthews. They consult with Eddie the Guru, who aids teens in assimilating into Hippie culture. Matthews is performing courier work with a shady character, known as Tram the Trucker. During one of Matthews' parcel drops, he is spied by a local beat cop, and flees the scene. The officer pursues Matthews, right to the Teen Titans. Kid Flash corrals Matthews, who expresses an anti-authority stance. Before Matthews can be questioned, Captain Rumble arrives. Captain Rumble hates the Hippies, and immediately incites his gang into carrying out violence against them. The Teen Titans quickly subdue Captain Rumble, and his thugs, but in the confusion, Matthews slips away. Matthews returns to his girlfriend, Karin.

Matthews, having failed to deliver the parcel, lands Tram the Trucker in trouble with his boss, Big Arnie. Tram the Trucker sends out his two henchmen, Ironhead and Buster, to round up Matthews. They find Matthews at his girlfriend's apartment. Karin drops an industrial mobile on the two goons, buying her and Matthews time to escape. The Teen Titans adopt Hippie attire, and code names, to better blend into Hippie culture. As Ironhead and Buster close in on Karin and Matthews, Wonder Girl intervenes. While Wonder Girl is occupied with beating down the two thugs, Karin and Matthews escape. Robin's Hippie disguise brings down the wrath of Captain Rumble's gang upon him. Robin easily subdues the two bikers, only to be run down by Captain Rumble. Using a string of beads, Robin lassoes, then pulls, Captain Rumble from his bike.

Ironhead and Buster, having recovered from their beating, once again close in on Matthews. This time, Kid Flash disables their truck, while rendering them unconscious. Matthews, again, slips away. Robin surmises that Matthews may try to lose himself in a large Hippie gathering, or "Happening", occurring in the park. The Teen Titans arrive, just as Captain Rumble rides in. Once more, violence breaks out between the Hippies and Captain Rumble's forces. The Teen Titans intervene. In short order, the cycle gang is, again, defeated. Ironhead and Buster catch up to Matthews, only to be beaten down, once more, by Wonder Girl. Robin convinces Matthews to lead the police to Big Arnie and Tram the Trucker, who are both arrested. Robin reunites Matthews with his parents. Matthews, realizing that he's just not cut out to be a Hippie, is grateful for the opportunity to return home.

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