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While reading comic books, the Teen Titans tease Robin, the Boy Wonder, for reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Called out for being a "square", Robin swaps out the book for a Batman comic book. Miles away, Bob Ratchet toils away, in the freezing cold, at the Junk-O-Rama, for Mister Ebenezer Scrounge. Ratchet departs for the night, just as two shady characters arrive. Unbeknownst to Ratchet, his crippled son, Tom, is also on the property, looking for Ratchet. Tom watches, from the shadows, as Scrounge accepts payment, from the crooks. The two men unload a large pile of junk from their truck. Activating a strange device, the men transform the junked parts into brand new, expensive goods, to be sold in the states.

Tom hurries home to inform his father of Scrounge's crooked dealing with the smugglers. Ratchet confronts Scrounge, who admits to renting the junkyard to the the two men. Furious over Ratchet's accusation of wrongdoing, Scrounge forces Ratchet to work on Christmas Eve. Tom contacts the Teen Titans, who come to the Junk-O-Rama to investigate the smuggling operation. The Teen Titans stealthily leap onto the smugglers' truck, as they arrive to make another delivery. Before the Teen Titans can act, the smugglers are attacked and beaten away by a shadowy figure. The Teen Titans follow the shadowy figure to Scrounge's home, where the man is revealed to be Jacob Farley, Scrounge's old business partner.

Having escaped from prison, Farley has come to exact his revenge on Scrounge, for allowing Farley to take the fall on prior crooked dealings. Kid Flash separates Farley from Scrounge. Irate, Scrounge calls the authorities to arrest Farley, and remove the Teen Titans as trespassers. Farley escapes in the confusion. With Scrounge breathing down his neck the entire time, Ratchet completes his Christmas Eve shift. That night, Scrounge is visited by the "Ghost of Christmas Past", really KId Flash in disguise. As the "Ghost", Kid Flash suggests Scrounge change his ways. Aqualad, posing as the "Ghost of Christmas Present", points out all the ways Scrounge hurts the people around him. Posing as the "Ghost of Christmas Future", Wonder Girl torments Scrounge with the knowledge that no one will miss Scrounge when he dies. Ratchet's son, Tom, is the sole voice of compassion, amid a cacophony of disdain and hatred towards Scrounge.

At that moment, Mister Big, the head of the smuggling operation, and his two gunsels arrive. Wonder Girl is shot down from the sky, revealing the ruse played on Scrounge. The Teen Titans race to her rescue, beating down Mister Big's thugs. Wonder Girl is drawn from the Teen Titans' grasp by an industrial magnet, then dropped into the car compactor. It takes all of her Amazon strength to keep from being immediately crushed. Robin takes out the thug operating the compactor. Mister Big activates Scrounge's anti-theft device. Robin is suddenly forcibly drawn into a large pile of junk. Kid Flash, too, is stopped in his tracks and pulled into the junk pile.Aqualad is just able to finish beating up Mister Big's gang, before he is also yanked into the junk pile.

Finally, Wonder Girl falls prey to Scrounge's anti-theft device, being dragged from the air into the junk pile. With the Teen Titans held fast to the junk pile, Tom barrels into Mister Big, with his wheel chair. Mister Big yanks Tom out of the wheel chair, then has his minions destroy it. Seeing Tom being brutalized, Scrounge turns off his anti-theft device, freeing the Teen Titans. Scrounge attacks MIster Big, while the Teen Titans subdue Big's gang. With the criminals defeated, Scrounge turns their device on Tom's wheelchair, transforming it into a brand new, electric model. With a new perspective on life, Scrounge changes his ways, offering Ratchet a substantial pay raise, while also providing a new heater for the office.







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