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Kicking off the 3-part storyline "Beast Boys and Girls," featuring guest pencils by Tom Grummett and a cover by Ed McGuinness! What begins as a normal day for San Francisco transforms into chaos as the city is overrun with wild animals of all kinds. But what's Beast Boy's connection to the problem? And who started this in the first place?


The (newly revised) origin of Beast Boy is revealed. Garfield Logan was infected with the disease Sakutia while on location with his scientist parents. His father, Mark, and a colleague named Samuel Register cure Gar, but a side-effect leaves him with green skin and the ability to shape-shift into animals.

In the present, a Teen Titans daytrip into San Francisco is interrupted when local children begin to exhibit the same side-effects of the Sakutia antidote and begin shifting into green-tinted animals. While the Titans attempt to save the children, Beast Boy is shocked to discover his powers and green skin have disappeared.

Elsewhere, Superboy travels to Gotham City in an attempt to return Tim Drake to his role as Robin. Instead of finding Tim he finds Stephanie Brown (Spoiler), the new Girl Wonder. After a brief scuffle Superboy is confronted by Batman, who tells the young hero to leave Tim be.

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