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The thrilling conclusion to the 4-part "Raven Rising," featuring the final confrontation among the Teen Titans, Brother Blood and Raven! The new Teen Titans discover a horrifying truth about Raven, she may be a bigger threat than Brother Blood. Plus, a radical change for Beast Boy begins!


The Teen Titans, along with unlikely allies Deathstroke and Ravager, battle the insane former Titan, Jericho, within Raven's Soul Self. Raven later expels the combatants into the middle of the forest, where they are attacked by Brother Blood and his minions.

After a pitched battle, Jericho attempts to jump into Cyborg but is instead trapped by the hero's mechanical eye, and downloaded onto a computer disk.

In order to fully power up Raven, Beast Boy transforms into a worm and forces Brother Blood to vomit up her chakra, which he ate back in issue #9. Now at full strength, Raven sends Blood and his followers into a hell dimension and returns with her friends to Titan Tower.

Elsewhere, after Deathstroke expresses his disappointment in Ravager, she gouges out her own eye -- to make her more like "Daddy".

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