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After mystifying an old couple on the road, Robin, the Boy Wonder, shows off his new Bat-Cycle to the Teen Titans. Robin has been invited, to the town of Wildcat, to judge the 1st Annual Sand Scramble. The event is being sponsored by the Wheeler-Dealers, a teen bike club. In Wildcat, the Teen Titans meet Al Farnum, the town's only resident. Farnum is the grandfather of Flip Farnum, the leader of the Wheeler-Dealers. Wildcat was once a boom town, until the oil wells ran dry. Farnum believes that there is still oil to be had in Wildcat, thus continuing to drill for it. The Teen Titans are introduced to Flip, and the Wheeler-Dealers. Suddenly, the Bike Buzzards make the scene, led by Scorcher. Despite being uninvited, the Bike Buzzards intend to compete in the Scramble. Robin, too, decides to compete in the Sand Scramble.

Expecting the Bike Buzzards to ruin the event, the Teen Titans decide to shadow the race. Sure enough, the Bike Buzzards use various tactics to run the other racers off the road. Scorcher puts Flip out by using his bike to kick up sand in Flip's face. Robin counters that tactic by pulling on a gas mask from his utility belt. Scorcher forces Robin to ride dangerously close to several obstacles, but the Boy Wonder is not so easily misled. Scorcher kicks out a board spanning a chasm, forcing Robin to jump the gorge. Only his Bat-Rope keeps the Boy Wonder from falling to his death. Leading Robin into a narrow canyon, Scorcher fires a shot that starts an avalanche, burying the Boy Wonder. Wonder Girl comes across Flip, who has managed to remain in the Scramble. Seeing Scorcher and the Bike Buzzards closing on Flip, Wonder Girl uses her magic lasso to remove them from their bikes.

Scorcher tells Wonder Girl that Robin suffered an accident, and fell into a mine shaft. When Wonder Girl goes to investigate, Scorcher hits her from behind, sending her to the bottom of the shaft. Scorcher, leading the Bike Buzzards, uses the illusions cast by Mirage Mesa to trick Kid Flash into running into a canyon wall. Aqualad, driving a car loaned to him by Farnum, pursues Scorcher up a hill, where the Bike Buzzards drop a mine car load of gravel, and slag, on the car. Aqualad leaps clear, but the Bike Buzzards jump him, beating him mercilessly into unconsciousness. Scorcher leads the Bike Buzzards on a looting spree, through several nearby towns, before returning to Wildcat. Taking Farnum prisoner, the Bike Buzzards lay claim to the town. Flip uncovers and revives Robin.

The Boy Wonder, and Flip, revive Kid Flash. Wonder Girl, already recovered, finds Aqualad tied to Farnum's car, and left to dehydrate in the desert. After providing Aqualad with water, they rendezvous with Flip and the other Teen Titans. Arriving in Wildcat, the Teen Titans are on hand to witness Farnum's well strike oil. Using the gusher as a distraction, Kid Flash frees Farnum, while Wonder Girl binds the Bike Buzzards' bikes together. Aqualad and Robin beat the Bike Buzzards senseless. Scorcher ignites a stick of dynamite, accidentally setting fire to a ring of oil surrounding him. Scorcher breaks down in terror. Kid Flash extinguishes the flames before they can reach the well. With Farnum's faith restored, and the Bike Buzzards taken down, the Teen Titans take their leave of Wildcat.

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