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Teen Titans Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Kid Flash face off against their first opponent in the premiere issue of their very own series: the Beast-God Xochatan!

The Teen Titans stand before a map looking at locations of the Peace Corps around the world. They are told then that they have been called to a location in South America called Xochatan where the people are having trouble building a school and dam. Robin accepts the offer to join the Peace Corps and then begin intensive training in it. Meanwhile, the adult guardians of the four Teen Titans are all proud when they learn that the Teen Titans have joined the Peace Corps. Then in Xochatan, a group of people are going to give offerings to a Conquistador spirit to please him while others tell them that the dam built by the Peace Corps is going to cause the place to flood. Then a giant metal form of a Conquistadore appears and is about to step on everyone when the Titans come and stop it from smashing them.The Titans attack the giant but then it crashes into a nearby cliff and mysteriously disappears. While the Titans try to find a way that the giant could have disappeared into the solid cliff, the locals tell them that it is a curse and the Conquistador is a spirit punishing them for building the dam, and it is ruining lives as the dam needs to be built to keep the people's trust and the good name of the Peace Corps. They show the Titans the progress on the dam, which is only half finished as they only have one bulldozer and few workers. Suddenly, the bulldozer is mysteriously pushed into the water. Aqualad and Wonder Girl work together to get it out and Robin notices that the brake lever is glowing red-hot and in the off position so friction couldn't have done it. He then heads for the cliff from before saying that it was too warm and then with the help from the others, believes the cliff is hollow and Kid Flash then vibrates himself through it to find the giant robot Conquistador from before. Quickly acting, the Teen Titans take down the massive giant together and as it is buried in a large ditch, Robin explains that both the cliff and robot may have been controlled by some molecular gadget to allow it through the cliff. The workers continue to work on the dam and almost finish it when all of a sudden a half-jaguar, half-man creature appears and attacks. It chases after Kid Flash and soon he runs into a maze but with Wonder Girl's help, he gets out while the creature is still trapped in the maze. Then a large half-man half eagle creature appears and attacks Wonder Girl in the sky. With her lasso, she ties onto one of its legs and as it flies near an active volcano, Wonder Girl grabs a large stone hurdling from the volcano and takes the creature down with it. Then a half-serpent half-man creature attacks Robin and Aqualad goes after them and saves Robin and takes the creature down. Then a man with a gun starts shooting at Robin and Aqualad, but then Wonder Girl plummets from above and knocks the man out with one hit. They know he's the one who's been causing all the trouble and learn that he was a rich landowner who oppressed the people until a revolt drove him into hiding and he was believed to be dead. He is angry that his giant robot Conquistador was defeated as well as the incarnations of the God of the pyramid which had been released when the flood waters covered the sacred markings. With the pyramid submerged, it will never again be a problem and the people and Peace Corps can finish the dam in peace thanks to the Teen Titans.

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