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Well it sure beats raising cattle.

Review for Teen Titans #1.

The Story: A secret association are capturing young metahumans around the world for some reason and they try to captyre Tim Drake because of his skill.

The Good: Lobdell has a very good handle on Bart Allen's character, he's shown as a very young, reckless, fast mouthed and most importantly inexperienced hero who does more bad than good. Wich also shows that teenage superhero's are not looked upon very well because of their inexperience and because of that are persecuted. Wich makes N.O.W.H.E.R.E trying to recruit them much more easier because they will lie to them by telling them they need them. Lobdell also has a good grasp on Tim Drake, he's shown as a very smart, resourceful young man who is ready to fight these guys. Lobdell does a good job at setting up the TT with this threat and how Tim will be gathering them up, this is another good way of making a team.

The Bad: While I don't hate Brett Booth's art it reminds me of of art you would see during the 90's but not as bad.IT has very hard lines but where in lines my problem is with the faces, at times they seem very overreacty but not as bad as in Hawk & Dove. Also I would have liked to see one of the new characters in here, we see the guy in purple on a monitor but not in action. I already know who Tim, Cassie, Bart and Connnor are and I wanted to see how the new guys will hold up.

The Verdict: Very good set up for the team and who they will be facing but I really didn't like the art and I wished we would see the new characters. This is a buy.

Posted by Silkcuts

You are all about team books, eh?
I can't think of one you don't like.

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