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Teekl is a powerful mystical being that has come to be in the service of Klarion the Witch Boy. With shape shifter powers, Teekl is usually seen as a female orange cat, but gender does not seem to matter much to this feline, thus it will sometimes appear as male. Teekl can shape change into a more powerful creature when need be, sometimes a tiger, others a were-form human, still keeping feline aspects. To this extent, the familiar sometimes wanders off, getting into trouble on its own, as cats often do. But being Klarion's only true friend, he would do anything to make sure she is safe, even allying himself with his enemies. To this end, Teekl is loyal to Klarion, protecting him like a pet would. Brutal and unremorseful in battle, Teekl feeds on the very souls of her victims.

Other Media

Teekl appeared along side Klarion in The New Batman Adventures, "The Demon Within" episode.

Teekl also appeared in the Young Justice episode "Denial" where she accompanied Klarion in his attempts to steal the Helmet of Fate.

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