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Teddy Allen is not as popular or attractive as his sister Liz Allen. He also doesn’t know that his biological father is the Blob. Teddy’s biological mother looked him up and took him in after Liz came home after the events of Ultimatum.


Teddy Allen was created by Jeph Loeb.

Major Story Arc

Ultimate X

Ultimate X #4

Teddy and his sister attend Costa Verde High School in Orange County, CA. Teddy and his only friend Evan are subject to plenty of ridicule and are usually in trouble with the principal. One afternoon Teddy asks his sister and her friends to give him and Evan a ride home, Liz’s boyfriend tells them off when suddenly Evan pulls out a gun. Evan turns around and shoots the principal and Teddy turns around to take the gun from his friend. Evan shoots him and the bullet rolls down Teddy’s chest. Teddy is revealed to be a mutant with abilities similar to his father. The students panic as Liz reveals her Firestar form as well. As the school begins to burn; Jean Grey, Jimmy Hudson and Derek Morgan arrive to help them. However, Quicksilver shows up as well and intercedes. Jean convinces Liz to come with them while Teddy chooses to go along with Quicksilver.

Powers & Abilities

Teddy is shown to be obese and have a large appetite. His girth was also able to stop a bullet fired at near point blank range. Whether he has inherited all of his father, Ultimate Blob’s powers remains to be seen.

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