Ted Kord respect thread

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Hi there,just snooping around the internet when.....

I noticed that Ted Kord doesn't really have a respect thread...not anywhere on the internet.

I was searching for scans of him and could not find any (and I think it's sad,because frankly his death had an impact on comic-book history).

He doesn't even have much fan-art redesigns.

What the hell!?

I know he has appeared in more than 1 comic-book,and he should have some pretty sweet gadgets to show off.

I am just glad we will see him (looking pretty bad@ss) in Pax Americana,with a slight redesign that updates him....FINALLY!

So....fan art is accepted,but I also want scans of him from the comics..I'll start with my favorite:

Multiversity: Pax Americana

The best scan of Ted ever

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There we go!

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as much as I hate his art.....
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What is wrong with the art?

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