Ted Kord Questions ?

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I have some questions about Ted Kord. 1) On this page his full name is Theodore Edward Kord but on DC Database his full name is Theodore Stephen Kord ? 2) Why diden't Ted get a second life but Maxwell Lord did ? 3) Oh and did Ted ever make it with any superheroines ?

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I have no idea about his middle name. Maybe it was retconned or something? Max got a second life because the white entity chose him. Dc replaced Ted with Jaimie Reyes and gave Ted an iconic death bringing him back would ruin it I suppose. And as far as we know Ted hasn't "made it" with any superhero ones, he had a flirtatious relationship wit Babs Gordon but that's it.

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  1. Meh.
  2. Because DC wanted one and not the other? Reyes is probably more popular, so it wouldn't' make sense to bring Kord back.
  3. I don't think so, but he and Oracle has an attraction. Nothing was ever done though.
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It was Ted Kord that was interesting not Ted Kord/Blue Beetle IMO. 

#5 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1254 posts) - - Show Bio

Ted Kord is frging awesome. Don't get me wrong I like the new Blue Beelte to. But there is no rule that said there has to be 1 BB only. I mean if you look at the DCU there are plenty of people with the some name or power sets.

#6 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (13175 posts) - - Show Bio

Like who?

#7 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1254 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman - Superboy... Green Arrow - Red Arrow different color but the consepet is the same. Spider-Man - Scarlet Spider I know there from MU but I need a example. Aquaman - Aqualad (Garth) over 2000 Green Lanterns. Wonder Woman - Wonder Girl... Supergirl - Power Girl... the list gose on. Oh Booster Gold - Goldstar.

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