Bring Back Ted Kord Potition!

#1 Posted by Xaonschock (5 posts) - - Show Bio

So, I made a petition. I would like people to sign it if they want Ted back. I mean lets face it Jaime isn't a popular as Ted in the comic book world. So when it's all signed and all that I am going to send it to DC I don't know if it will do anything but we can try!

#2 Posted by cameron83 (7770 posts) - - Show Bio

i agree,but maybe you can ask dccomics to do it,maybe in the feedbacks section..i mean it IS the new 52,and i want ted kord back,and a member of the JLA....make someone else die,maybe he can be a mentor to jaime (just a though),but still i want him back,he's awesome and a cool batman-like character

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