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TechCorp - largest company in Poland, belong to the Victor Ross and Black Death - she is working for Victor, currently engaged in research and collection of genetic material.

For many years the head of the company was Alex Poniatowski, but after an accident, and more than three years of coma, his place was taken by former friend Victor Ross. Company for many years working on a serum that could be used in medicine. Finally, after the accident with Alex and the takeover by Victor, the company changed the profile of research on the military use of serum.

The inventor of the serum was Alex's father, Karol Poniatowski. The first practical use of the serum was associated with the Project Zero - super soilder, after injection he gained super powers.

Currently, the company is trying to influence the Polish government in such a way that the law allowed them to produce super-soldiers on a massive scale.

The company and its product is very controversial and is often of interest to journalists such as May Pokuszalska that tracks scams associated with the company.

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