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Lela Cho was the daughter of the founder of Hypersonic, a flourishing hardware company. Her father passed away and in his will, he gave her the business.

However, the board members of Hypersonic were not comfortable with a girl leading the company. A man that Lela Cho quickly met at her father's funeral forced her into a meeting where he informed her that he and his secret associates will take control of Hypersonic or if she did not comply, they would simply kill her or humiliate her by creating a film of her in a compromising situation.

Lela Cho decided to battle this attack and went to a company called NuWare, owned by J.D. Hunt, to get implants that would give her super powers. The abilities she specifically asked for were superhuman strength, agility and the power to control electronic devices with her mind. She paid over $5 million dollars for the enhancements but they worked.

Lela was ushered to Hong Kong, at Hypersonic's headquarters, where she was forced to sign a paper that relinquished her control of the company. Before they would be able to hurt her or something worse, Lela jumped from a window and escaped with her life.

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