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It's the return of the home team. This is a great jumping on point for new readers as Team Youngblood welcomes back original members Diehard, Vogue, Combat, and Badrock. Story by Rob Liefeld. Art by Danny Miki and Kiko Taganashi.                                                                               

Shaft and Badrock are fighting each other in the training room. After some time spending to receive arrows and jokes from Shaft, Badrock wins the fight.

During this time, a new member arrives from Australia, Knight Sabre. He thinks about the future popularity he'll enjoy after being introduced to the Youngblood program.

Troll finds Graves in his office and has a conversation about his presence in the team, Graves answers that it's not about unpopularity but controversy. Troll seems intrigued but has to stay in the program as Graves informs him that these are bad days for Youngblood.

While Shaft is searching for Die Hard, we find Vogue and Die Hard having some close hugs, which surprises Shaft as he discovers them. Vogue explains to him that Die Hard ain't a robot but a cyborg which is very different for her. There is something human inside of him, more than what Shaft thinks.

After this short encounter, Sentinel shows his private side. His relationship has gone bad and he needs to speak with Keever about that.

Riptide and Masada have a training session too and Cougar and Photon would like to go to a party and save a bank from robbery instead of training. Everybody is speaking about the program in a different way, but what Graves told Troll earlier seems to make sense now more than ever: Youngblood is in bad shape.

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