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Donna Troy is back, and she's not happy. Engorged with divine might, Troia has grown to be a 50-foot goddess bent on finding her son-- and not even her friends will stand in her way.

Total Chaos part 6 of 9. Donna Troy has been reincarnated after her death at the hands of Lord Chaos; except, this incarnation, Troia, is a 50-feet-tall mad god. She takes off to track down Lord Chaos on the moon, intent on rescuing her child. Starfire tries to stop her, but is unsuccessful. While the New Titans try to figure out what their next move is, the Team Titans have regrouped after their fight with the New Titans, but minus Mirage. The Team Titans decide they need to go back to the New Titans and team together against Lord Chaos.

The Team Titans go back to the New Titans, but the New Titans are prepared for another fight. Before they can come to blows, however, Lord Chaos appears. Now that he has killed his mother Donna Troy (or so he thinks), he has come to kill his father, Terry Long. While the combined might of the New Titans and Team Titans prepare to stand against Lord Chaos, another Team Titan from the future, named Battalion, has come back to the 20th century.

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