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(Conner Kent, Kon-El)

The human/Kryptonian clone of Superman and Lex Luthor or in the new 52 universe Jon Lane Kent. Due to his unique physiology he possess some Kryptonian powers (all of them before Flashpoint) and powerful telekinetic abilities. He is also a member of the Teen Titans.


(Linda Lang, Kara Zor-El)

The Kryptonian cousin of Kal-El was originally sent to kill Kal-El when he reached earth. Kara Zor-El was originally older than Kal-El but when she was in her own rocket to earth Zor-El put her in suspended animation, she was kept like this for 16 years, when she was freed Kal-El was Superman and now was older than her. Since then she has been welcomed into the family. Kara is one of the newer members of the team but hasn't had the easiest of times since the death of her father, Zor-El.

Power Girl

(Karen Starr, Kara Zor- L)

A survivor of Earth-Two and the cousin of Kal-L. Power Girl currently lives on New Earth, she is always happy to help Superman and her other Earth 52 counterparts.


Krypto is the Kryptonian pet of the family, but don't be fooled he still has all the powers a normal Kryptonians have. He is very close to Superboy and Jimmy Olsen

Chris Kent


The newest member of Team Superman, Christopher Kent is the son of General Zod and Ursa, who were two Kryptonian criminals. He was being raised by Kal-El and Lois. He was returned the Phantom Zone. He has since returned to Earth in the guise of Nightwing and has aged to teen/adulthood.


(Lar Gand)

Lar Gand met Clark Kent as a boy when his ship crashed and caused him amnesia. Thinking he was Kryptonian Clark named him Mon-El after the day Monday and Clark's own family name. When he is exposed to lead his real memories return. He is Lar Gand of Daxam. Due to lead being fatal to Daxamites Lar is put in the Phantom Zone and Superman vows to find a cure. Lar will again fight with Superman in the 31st century when both are members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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