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Team Minato 
Team Minato as it became known was lead by Minato himself who would later become the 4th hokage. The team consited of Kakashi a young Ninja who was considered a genius within Konoha, Rin a young medical ninja and Obtio of the uchia clan.  The early days of this team are unkown, we do know about one mission when  Kakashi became a Jonin and was sent on a mission along with Obito and Rin, They where to destroy a bridge that was being used by enemy forces to enter Konoha and therefore help in the third great shinobi war effort. But disaster struck when Rin was taken by two Iwgakure Jonin. Obito wanted to rescue his teammate; But Kakashi said that the mission came first. Kakashi found himself in the same situation as his father had been in the past and did not want to make the mistakes that his father had. Obito disagreed and left Kakashi not before telling him that what his father did in the past made him a hero not a disgrace.Obito was confronted by Taiseki one of the Iwgakure ninja’s and was soon over powered, just then a flash of silver filled the air and using his father’s sword Kakashi entered the battle just in time to save Obito. As the battle raged on Taiseki managed to strike at Kakashi left eye, Kakashi had used his own body to block an attack meant for Obito.  terror took over as he watched the blood escape his friends eye and wanting to fight back past the fear his Sharingan awakend , using it he killed Taiseki and helping Kakashi they headed for Rin.  
It was here that Kakashi live would change forever, Obito and Kakashi fought against the last ninja and save Rin, As the battle progressed Obito and Kakashi worked as an unbeatable team and freed Rin, But the victory was short lived as the final Ninja caused a cave in, Obito dived in time to save Kakashi from a falling rock which landed on him instead. As Obito lay dying he gave Kakashi a final gift for becoming a Jonin his left eye (Sharigan) Rin using her medical tech implanted the eye into Kakashi and using the Chordi broke free of the cave in and killed the Ninja who had caused Obito's death. Just then enemy reinfrocements arrived and Kakashi fought to protect Rin, Telling her that he would not let her die as Obito loved her. Just as the battle was about to be won by the enemy  Minato Namikaze and saved the two students and finished the mission with their help. It is unkown what became of the team after this mission. It is unkown if Rin later died or became a member of the Anbu black op's, all that is really known is that the members of this team became a very large part of Konoha history with their great powers and mind sets.

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