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At last, it’s the secret origin of Deathstroke!

The team clashes with Eclipso – and Slade Wilson!

Witness the beginnings of the Black Room from Justice League!

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No Eclipse tonight! 0

(No Spoilers)Wow! Justin Jordan has really hit his stride with this title. He wraps up the first arc in grand style as we get an action packed thrill ride for the introduction of Eclipso into the New 52. Even Jesus Merino seemed to be on his A-game. This title is like G.I. Joe with superpowers and so far and it's been great!I'll start with Jesus Merino's art. I wasn't too crazy about it in the opening issues of the series. But here it just seemed so much better. He hasn't drawn the last couple o...

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Deathstroke, Grifter, Black Canary, Amanda Er, and Some Redshirts 0

This whole issue was really one big guns a blazing battle in what appears to be a non-location. Jesus Merino is back on art duties, but the layouts are really off. The issue is filled with close up shots and panels without backgrounds. Like the previous issue, there's just an uncanny sense that there is no background location that any of this is taking place in. And not much really happens. They fight Eclipso, with a bit of concern over possibly killing Slade; while also realizing that won't be ...

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