the_mighty_monarch's Team 7 #2 - Black Diamond Probability, Mission 1.2: Lockdown review

Journey of the Black Diamond

Well THIS cover is an absolute nightmare. There's a solid redish-brown non-background, and then Slade, Dinah, and Bronson all CRAMMED right in the front with a bunch of Eclipso-possesed. There's so much brown and black that it's hard to tell what's going on, there's just way too much all the same color it blurs together into a clump of ugly. And THEN there's the fact that it says 'Canary and Slade Battle the Eclipsed' when not only is Bronson ignored on the cover, it's not these two or three alone EVER, it's the entire team.

It seems weird to have a guest artist only on the second issue, Julius Lopez as a fairly nice style that works. It's nothing to rave about, but there's nothing to complain about either.

I couldn't decide what tone this issue was going for, there was definitely more of an 'expendables' feel, especially when Dinah says that they ARE expendable. There's just a ton of shooting. Seriously, a TON. But it's not ridiculously over-the-top in a bad way, it's just how they do things. But then they're treating the Eclipsed like they were zombies and they're in a high tech station so there was a bit of Dead Space in there; except the weren't trying to make it scary at all, just tense, and it wasn't really all that tense. It was an awkward balance between survival-horr and super-gun action that really didn't balance right.

I can still barely keep track of about half the cast, anyone I don't know as a hero or villain is pretty much lost to me except maybe Bronson who wears a huge suit of armor. It feels like it's getting some of the problems Legion of Super-Heroes gets, where they try to give a tiny bit to every character each issue, so I don't feel much for any of these characters. They're all fairly flat archetypes, and even then they're only a tiny bit out of the same mold from each other.

I kind of like the way they lead towards a high-stakes finale, only to have it twisted at the last minute into something bigger. The tale of The Black Diamond across centuries of the DCU is quite an interesting one, and I'm extremely intrigued to see how far this story can go with it, being 5 years in the past.

In Conclusion: 3/5

There's not a whole lot that's really bad about this comic, it just doesn't really get me excited. The situation is pretty interesting and the art is fine, but the characters are all so distant and numerous it's hard to get attached to anyone yet.


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