Team 7 #2

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The Good

Just like in the first issue, writer Justin Jordan once again provides some bits of exceptional banter. It's not a long back and forth we've come to see from people like Brian Michael Bendis, but instead sharp retorts sprinkled throughout the issue. Bronson's bit with the jet pack was great slapstick comedy and there's a humorous nod to Grifter's eventual mental powers.

Solid dialogue aside, this is primarily an action heavy issue that serves as set-up for a much bigger plot right around the corner. That isn't really a bad thing, though. While it sounds like filler, it lays out a fair deal of groundwork and dishes out a solid portion of fun along the way. Who doesn't want to see Bronson use one of the enemies as a melee weapon, right?

James Bronson won my heart in this issue. He without question proved to be the highlight of this issue, entertaining with both laughs and displays of power from his armor.

The artwork and coloring does a consistently fine job. Panels of the creatures getting shot are appropriately bright and powerful. There's a particularly great set of panels of John Akara thanks to excellent use of shading and the stark contrast of coloring on his face. The set of chompers were fearsome to observe as well, easily placing them on par with the likes of The Trench over in the pages of AQUAMAN.

The Bad

Bit of an odd complaint, but the cover is quite misleading (like that never happens, right?). It promotes an emphasis on Deathstroke and Black Canary, but both are pretty much bit players compared to the likes of Waller and Bronson. Just a heads up in case you're buying this solely for a focus on either.

While the artwork is mostly well done, there's an odd panel during the final fight. Dinah saves Waller from an attack by pushing her out of the way with a leap, but the stances in combination with the lines of motion give the scene a bizarre look. It's almost like Dinah is doing a Superman impression, Waller is trying to dodge her, and the bad guy is completely uncoordinated. Still, one very unusual panel out of the entire issue isn't a very big deal.

The Verdict

The cliffhanger, while obvious to many, is sure to appeal to longtime DC fans. If you find yourself dissatisfied with SUICIDE SQUAD and want to discover another action based team book, then I wholeheartedly recommend giving TEAM SEVEN a chance. Jordan's more than ample writing with a diverse and interesting cast of characters is promising and it'll be especially interesting to see how he plays around with the early years of these individuals in The New 52.


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