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Teal’C grew up between warriors and so has learned to have a warrior mind in order to survive. He is a silent man but not without a certain sense of humour. To make himself known he doesn’t need to use a lot of words, one raised eyebrow can say more then a thousand words. One word that frequently returns in his vocabulary is the word ‘indeed’. He considers his teammates not only his colleagues but also his friends. He does however has great hatred towards his enemy which can sometimes cloud his better judgement.



Teal’C is a member of the alien race ‘Jaffa’. They believed that the Goa’uld are actually gods and as such let them use their bodies as hosts for the larva’s of the Goa’uld. This in turn grants them more power and a prolonged lifespan and establishes a strong symbiotic bond between the host and the larva. Teal’C himself is already over a hundred years old. His father, Ro’nak was killed by the system lord Cronus. This caused Teal’C and his mother to flee to the planet Chulak, home world of the Jaffa’s, when he was younger. He became a warrior for Apophis to become a mighty warrior one day and have his revenge. It was here that he got his symbol on his forehead. But Teal’C as a younger man was trained by Bra’tac and he became a father figure to Teal’C. He taught him his visions about the Goa’uld, how they were false gods and were enslaving the Jaffa. He climbed in rank and became one of the personal guards of Apophis. He saw the ways of the Goa’uld and decided to align himself with the humans and the Tau'ri instead to free his own people.



During the teams first mission on Chulak, Teal’C aided the SG-1 team and decided to leave his family and culture behind him. He became a member of the SG-1 team himself and stood by their side in all their missions. He strived for freedom for his people and to rid his home world of the Goa’uld. He proved very valuable for the team with his great knowledge about the different languages, cultures, people and technology they encountered.


Teal'c himself has no powers but the Goua'ld symbiote that keeps him alive gives him enhanced strength, enhanced agility, and a Healing Factor, which is Not powerful enough to keep him alive from a bullet wound to the head but is strong enough to heal his internal organs within a matter of hours and heal his eyes from blindness in 3 days. Teal'C also is a weapons Master and Former Bodyguard/Assassin After having his Symbiote removed, Teal'C takes Tretonin, a drug that has all the effects of carrying a symbiote without actually carrying a symbiote.

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