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T.C. Fremont is the most powerful men in Florida.  Tara, her daughter, convinced him to spend much money to buy him an island near the coast of Florida. This island, Jungle Island, became a sanctuary for endangered wildlife. 
The first time we see T.C., he's under the charm of Stella Stargaze ; she try to manipulate him. Her goal is to control this powerful man, millionnaire and industrialist. T.C. is the guest of honor at a party hosted by Stella. The evening ended rather badly, however. Tara, who comes to recognize her tiger on the back of Stella (well the skin, not the tiger!) loses the pedals and wants to fight with her. We are witnessing a real catfight,  but Tara is a lot stronger. Nightveil intervenes in the fight because she is afraid that Tara kills Stella. Stella finaly manages to escape, half undressed. T.C. is sorry for all this and told her daughter that she would have to tolerate Stella in the future.  He does not understand the behavior of her daughter.  And Tara does not understand her father too.     
Later, T.C. has autorized Tara and the FemForce team to have her headquarter on Jungle Island. Despite some incidents on the island, things are going well for TC. But with time, he learns more and more Stella and do not always like what he sees. 
T. C.'s corporate headquarters collapse
Then a major event occurred: his headquarters in Orlando collapsed. An explosion which, in addition to cost millions in damages, has put hundreds of employees in the street. The FemForce team has been blamed for this, but they were manipulated by Alizarin Crimson. T.C. was very affraid of losing her daughter in the incident.

Soon after this, T.C. asked the FemForce to leave his island, to the delight of Stella. He's allowed them to stay in one of his buildings in Orlando, a school uninhabited for several years. It is a building that must possibly be demolished.  

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