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Taz first became involved with the team when encountering a lost and lonely Babe and Huuka who had crashed on the unidentified planet. Taz was involved in a war with an alien race with forces on the planet. Through both coincidence and intent Taz used Babe's tremendous strength and durability to win a decisive battle again the unnamed aliens. When the rest of Atari Force arrived to pick up Babe and Huuka Taz joined them in their journey.

During her travels with the team Taz gave birth to the Tazlings, multiple offspring with ravenous appetites and unparalleled intuitive technological genius, neither of which Taz seemed to share. Taz and the the Tazlings remain enigmas throughout the series, largely because Taz's language was completely unfamiliar to the rest of the team. Everything about Taz's background remained unknown. Even Taz's gender was unclear, with the team initially referring to the little alien "he", but changing to "her" after the Tazlings are born. Despite this tremendous communication gap Taz consistently utilized her tremendous combat skills on behalf of the team.

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