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The Sasuke Retrieval Arc

Tayuya along with the three other sound five members were introduced when Orochimaru sent them to send a proposition to Sasuke. Tayuya is the only girl in the group, and the biggest potty mouth. After Sasuke accepted to go with them, Tayuya helped seal him in his transformation coffin, then helped escort him to Orochimaru's lair.

During the escort Tayuya was forced to stay behind and battle Shikamaru and Naruto. Tayuya revealed that she uses a flute to manipulate sound and create genjutsu. Shikamaru and Naruto tricked her giving Naruto a chance to get away and go after Kimimaro who now had Sasuke. From their on Tayuya battled Shikamaru. During the battle Tayuya summoned three ogre's. She was able to control each one's individual movements through a series of complicated music sequences and notes played on her flute.

Shikamaru figured this out by watching her fingers, doing this he memorized the finger placements and was able to tell where the ogre's would attack. Shikamaru defeated the ogre's, Tayuya then went into her second stage of the cursed seal. Tayuya used her flute to put Shikamaru under a genjutsu. Tayuya then used a kunai Shikamaru had purposely threw to try and kill him. Shikamaru was about to be killed when he revealed he had broke his own finger to get out of the genjutsu. He used his shadow possession jutsu to stop Tayuya in her tracks. They were at a stalemate.

Shikamaru's chakra ran out, he was about to be killed again by Tayuya when Temari jumped in to save him. She used a summon of her own to try and kill Tayuya, but was only able to cut her flute in half. Tayuya then went into hiding behind some trees. She was going to try and use what was left of her flute, but it was cut short when Temari used a wind slicer technique using her fan. The attack was so devastating it nearly turned the forest in a wasteland. Tayuya was caught in this attack, and killed.

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