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Taylor Madison was created by Zeus as bait for Hera and Ares to reveal their plans to hurt and defeat his son Hercules once and for all. Taylor first met Hercules, along with his fellow Avengers; Crystal and Thunderstrike, at a children's hospital. They both immediately felt a strong attraction toward each other and soon fell in love. Strangely, Taylor tried to break it off many times because she had a feeling that her time was limited. The two did have a passionate relationship, though it ended quickly when Hera, realizing Hercules truly loved Taylor, determined the best way to hurt Hercules was by harming Taylor. This lead to a terrible confrontation and battle between Hercules until it was finally revealed by Zeus that Taylor Madison had never truly existed; she was only a construct he'd created to draw Hera and he foul plans into the open. Zeus was able to stop Hera's evil deeds, though at the cost of great emotional pain to Hercules when Taylor Madison's true nature was revealed and, by the will of Zeus, she ceased to exist. Devastated, Hercules lashed out at Zeus for his cruelty and callousness in handling this entire matter. All-mighty Zeus, unaccustomed to such insolence, reacted with swift and wrathful judgement by taking away much of Hercules' godly powers including his immortality, durability and half of his enormous godly strength and stamina.

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