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Tau'ma is interested to pitch two Witchblade wielders against each other. He seems to be centuries old and knows lot of the 13 Artifacts. He had a confrontation with one of Angelus Warriors named Sabine, who warned him to stay away from their affairs. Tau'ma then killed most of Angelus Warriors who followed Sabine to show that he is not to be trifled either. Later during the event called the War of the Witchblades, Tau'ma begins to manipulate the darkness wielder of the balance, Sara Pezzini. When seemingly not around Sara, he has talked to the Curator. Letting his brother know not to interfere with his actions, due to Curator somehow making sure these prophecies such as Broken Trinity, First Born, and War of the Witchblades happen. Subduing to Tau'ma, the odd figure returns during the final confrontation between the wielders of the balance. Demanding Sara to dispose of Danielle, the wielder of the light half is seemingly killed. Happy to know his pawn has claimed the balance, his true intentions have not been fully explained. However Angelus had found a new host, Finch and used her to fly to battle, where Angelus then revived and took possession over Danielle; then she proceeded to heal Sara Pezzini of her extra darkness. Pezzini now gathered herself and took on Tau'ma himself, the fight was brief, but seeing as all the forces are against him Tau'ma took the first chance he could to escape.


That's a Big Louse

Tau'ma can summon demons out of his head, possibly because of the tattoo placed there. He can create a blast with such a force that only skeleton remains from the target. He can also transmute himself into a ball of light, also that gives him power of flight. He has also shown power of Telekinesis.

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