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Brief History

The Tattoed Man is originally from Russia. He was a criminal, who would hire himself out as a blackmailer. He eventually came upon Colossus' father and found out about Piotr's secret identity as a mutant. He threatened to out Piotr to the world, if his father didn't do as he was told.

Years later he was seen in San Francisco by Colossus, who decided to pose as as a muscle man for hire. Wishing to do as little dirty work (or any work at all) Tattooed Man hired the beefy young man. He hired Colossus to help him smuggle depowered mutant women from Russia to the United States and have them prostitute themselves. Colossus saved the women as soon as possible, and brought them to Utopia for safekeeping. He and Emma Frost returned to battle the Tattooed Man. The two veteran X-Men made short work of the villain and his goons. He too was taken to Utopia, and imprisoned with other criminals such as Sebastian Shaw, Empath, and Kid Omega in the X-Brig, a virtual reality prison.

He was one of the few mutants to retain his powers Post-Decimation.

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