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506042 GhostRavage Character Overview Taskmaster's origin was altered in his latest solo series from 2012, he got his powers by external causes rather than being born with them. 08/13/14 02:16AM 59 Approved
430358 Zalvor Character Overview I edited the quote that Taskmaster said about Deadpool. The original on the page basically made it seem like Taskmaster flat out said he was always amazing at fighting. While this is true, he went on to tell him it wont get him anywhere until he gains professional ethics. As a longtime Taskmaster fan couldn't let that quote go unfinished. 05/11/14 09:54AM 2 Approved
417254 lordemp Character Overview 04/23/14 04:21PM 4 Approved
417253 lordemp Character Overview 04/23/14 04:15PM 7 Approved
369353 LaShrew Character Overview 02/17/14 11:56PM 99 Approved
354843 GhostRavage Character Overview Just making it clearer as well as adding some info, looks nicer to me :) 01/30/14 07:32PM 74 Approved
351962 GhostRavage Character Overview Petty changes, but i felt Shang Chi and Black Knight should have been mentioned outside the "etc." 01/27/14 03:41PM 2 Approved
314885 Strider92 Character Overview 12/26/13 09:57AM 22 Approved
308895 dondave Character Overview 12/20/13 04:29AM 5 Approved
243934 nightwing737 Character Overview I added more people he copied. 10/11/13 12:31PM 7 Approved
204075 Deathstroke02 Character Overview 09/05/13 08:04PM 16 Approved
167197 Txapote Character Overview 07/29/13 08:14AM 5 Approved
146163 MichaelKai1 Character Overview 07/12/13 06:33PM 3 Approved
144169 flazam Character Overview 07/10/13 05:05AM 14 Approved
79524 flazam Character Guide 05/25/13 01:15AM 2 Denied
79523 flazam Character Overview 05/25/13 01:14AM 3 Approved
79521 flazam Character Overview 05/25/13 01:11AM 15 Approved
28582 guttridgeb Character Overview 04/20/13 11:13AM 1 Approved
21489 pikahyper Character Overview 04/14/13 06:02AM 1 Approved
8026 Txapote Character Overview 04/02/13 05:14AM 1 Approved

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