why does the taskmaster fear moonknight if he punched a god?

#1 Posted by taskforce (34 posts) - - Show Bio

he seriously fought two caps and is insane enough to fight deadpool! and he cowers to the moonknight? sounds like a load of PIS to me

#2 Posted by TheReaper111 (136 posts) - - Show Bio

because that writer had him acting WAY out of character to make moonknight look cooler.

#3 Posted by taskforce (34 posts) - - Show Bio

now dont get me wrong i LOVE marc spector but that part made me cringe

#4 Posted by kgb725 (8714 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought he just hated copying him

#5 Posted by Veshark (9292 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, it was a misstep in terms of the character's portrayal. Tasky has never been the type to be afraid of getting his hands dirty in a fight. Huston wrote him as this sort of 'I just train others but I'm too chicken to actually fight' villain, when that's never been the case.

Still, a minor CIS moment in a largely awesome story arc though.

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