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Secret Avengers 16:

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WOOOOOOO HECK YES, so is he a vegetable or can he fight!

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@taskforce: As I understand it, Taskmaster was reduced to a vegetative state as a result of the shooting ("You were still a vegetable"), but Mentallo has now fixed him with his nanobots and assistants. Judging by his wording, not only has Mentallo gained a new ability for himself (transferring his consciousness between his body and his nanobots), but by the time Taskmaster recovers, he may gain some improvements of his own depending on what Mentallo did. Until his next appearance however, I cannot be certain of this.

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hahah thanks man

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Bazdan, you know what? I don't care if there are spoilers here, this snapped me out of my depression... I'm off to the comic shop!!!

Lego Tasky is pleased!

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