Reading minds? O_O

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I just finished Reading Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.

Uhm, how did Tasky Start hearing Deadpool's evil inner voice? Was it just that the fourth wall was already so broken up even Tasky started hearing the text boxes?

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There wasn't really any official explanation given. However, I feel it was alluded towards in his last few panels as Deadpool says: "You always said that once you started imitating someone, you could anticipate their next move. So tell me. What's next?" Now as ridiculous as this seems, the next panel implies that he can see Deadpool's eventual goal, and possibly the truth he has been awakened to. I guess if I had to try to explain it, I'd say that Deadpool's evil voice made Deadpool not only a more stable person, but consumed him with a one-track mind. My assumption was that once Taskmaster synchronized himself with his photographic reflexes, the new voice in Deadpool's head was already so strong that his intent could be read through body language (because you know, 55% of communication is supposedly communicated through body language alone, 38% through tone of voice, a total of 93%, both of which Taskmaster can analyze, digest and replicate), meaning that as this was all that was on Deadpool's mind, it was communicated in his movements, and since Taskmaster was mirroring his movements, he was somehow mirroring the message within them.

Of course, without an official explanation it could be any number of reasons. This was an alternate Earth, just because it's supposed to be an almost-copy of 616 doesn't mean alterations like Taskmaster having psychic potential linked to his powers aren't a possibility. Maybe it was just a mangled fourth wall. Without a writer's confirmation there's no concrete proof, only speculation.

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As much as I hated seeing Taskmaster getting killed, I enjoyed this mini especially since Tasky turned out to be DP's sorta - final boss fight. The fight itself was pretty bad ass because it's the first time I've actually seen Taskmaster use a "mirror-match" technique. And he WAS giving DP quite a fight up until Man Thing came out of nowhere and blindsided him - while he was "distracted?".

By the way ~ tweeted Spencer and didn't get a response for the secret avengers thing.... oh well.

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I think this is the closest thing there is to a Deadpool vs Taskmaster in the comics without PIS getting in the way. I mean it does at the end, but not to nearly the same extent and the fight itself is more like what you would expect from Taskmaster, with no Deadpool break-dancing for an insta-win out of lazy writing.

Don't know what to do about SA then, I might try a second take when I get frustrated of waiting for more Taskmaster/SA development, but in the meantime, I'm just gonna do my best to put it out of my mind until the next issue.

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