Is this a mistake or are we missing something?

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I was just looking through my Taskmaster scans when I saw this:

Now you may wonder why this scan is relevant to the title. Well its simple read the last two panels (namely Taskmaster's Dialogue). He states that he can copy Spider-mans speed and agility. Of course my reaction to this was bull. Taskmaster works by copying movements not physical stats. However I then looked over every Marvel entry that described Taskmasters power and not once does it say that he is in fact limited by his own physicals.

We know this for a fact due to his double time which allowed him to push well past peak human level speed.

What i'm getting at here is that I think Taskmaster does actually have superhuman speed. Here's the main reason. When this issue came out everyone got pretty annoyed and started saying things like "Taskmaster can't do that he's not that fast!":

Now don't get me wrong. I agree Venom when Vulked should beat Taskmaster in a random encounter what I disagree with are people saying he doesn't have this speed when in fact given his consistent showings he does. For example only a few months ago he did this:

Again you may wonder why these scans are relevant. It is simply because the man in the Captain America mask is Daken. Here Daken's healing factor is not working however there was no indication that his physical stats had been effected. So given that Daken is incredibly fast it is quite a good feat that Taskmaster was able to catch him up like that.

So I put it to you does Taskmaster have superhuman speed? I'm thinking he does.

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@strider92: He can pull off superhuman speed, but it puts a real strain on him, and he can't do it for long. Like, a cheetah can hit 100 mph, but only go at that speed for a couple of seconds before muscle strain, lack of oxygen and fatigue bring it down.

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I think he does

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I agree that he does or that he is capable of pulling it off. But he does not have the "superhuman" stamina or physiology required to maintain such a state of movement for long periods of time.

You guys ever been in a timed Martial Arts Match of any kind? When the bell signals the start of the match - all the adrenaline pumps us enough to do stuff we normally couldn't outside of a 1 - 2 minute match. And after a round has ended - we get really tired really fast. I wouldn't be surprised if Taskmaster was able to pull off a feat like superhuman speed when he's in combat, but I don't think he'd be able to keep it up if the fight lasted extremely long (like say a few hours during a siege).

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