Do you think this character will stay dead? (Spoilers!)

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So in the latest issues of secret avengers taskmaster died. Do you think he's out of the series or is this part of the book's conspiracy theme it has?

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If your going to spoil something don't do it in the title, jeez

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If your going to spoil something don't do it in the title, jeez

An oxymoron at it's finest.

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some weeks ago, I tweeded Ales Kot (The writer) about it and he just replied with a ----> :D (whatever that means)

The fanboy in me is hoping he'll come back since there's a minor hint in the story about mind control / resurrection ala Universal Soldier. Friends in the Toy industry also gave their opinion that most B-C grade characters who have their own figures / game appearances never truly stay dead for long. But that's just me hoping.

For as long as Tasky's status remains unchanged, I'll keep my distance from comics. >_<

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man i really wish its some conspiracy, heck i'll be happy if they introduce him in the villain side

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He needs to come back

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He's alive.

I'm reading through Deadpool #27 from Marvel Now - Taskmaster was alive and well and drunk at the wedding party. This Takes place in the Marvel 616 cannon (i guess) months after the events of AIM island. I don't know why or how but I'm just glad he's back on his feet - oh and he rode off in a Harely like a boss.

Also, Elektra Marvel now #1 (this April) he was mentioned in a Flashback involving her current story arc - and it was implied that his involvement in the prelude to the story was recent.

Avenger World # 9 - haven't seen this yet - but from what i understand, there might be an alternate future version of him there in an AIM run world (i think). I'm not crazy about following alternate or "possible" timeline versions of him - but he seems to have been roboticized in a way. and i am curious to see where it goes.

He's getting some pretty good exposure on TV as well - being a somewhat important player in Season 3 of Ultimate Spiderman. For all intents and purposes - we can safely say he's alive and well in the main Marvel universe. :)

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He'll come back. I'm pretty sure Nick Spencer has plans for him.

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