can he use the iron fist?

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since he has probably seen iron fist fight could he immediately use the iron fist?

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@deadpoolspidey877: I'll be honest I don't know how Danny's power works. If its just through concentration and movement then possibly. If it has any kind of mystical connection then no.

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@deadpoolspidey877: No he should not be able to usethe iron fist. That ability is obtained by entering the cave of the dragon Shou lou in the mystical city of K'un lun. After entering the cave, you have to be worthy and battle the dragon. The power is actually obtained by plunging your hands in the molten heart of the dragon. Taskmaster could mimic the martial arts movesof Danny but not summon the iron fist.

#4 Posted by deadpoolspidey877 (129 posts) - - Show Bio

okay thanks for clearing that up :)

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