Avengers Confidential Cameo?

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Guys.. I just finished watching Avengers Confidential.... uhmmmm noticed this scene near the end... down at the lower left..... is that who I think it is??? O_O

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here's another one I found.... the similarities are there, but my sister and my gf keep arguing it isn't him.

I won't say what's going on so as not to spoil the story, but this is me, wishing to high hell that it's him... can anyone like point out who else this could be if it's not him? :3

I should have put spoilers in the title... apologies!

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@themimegogo: It is Taskmaster. Its just the Udon design. Its a shame they didn't show the Avengers taking down him and Zemo near the end though. In fact, Its a shame this wasn't just a pure Avengers movie.

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@themimegogo: That's definitely him dude. That belt and buckle is the only proof you need. Besides that, compare those arms to his Udon appearance. I'm 100% certain that that is him, so much so that I will happily choke on those words if I'm proven wrong.

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I just checked up on the wiki's ~ confirmed it is him (HA! take that Sis & GF!!!)

I actually didn't notice it was him at first until I saw that arrest shot in the end. Then went back to double check on the fight scenes.... I'm pretty happy for the character... 3rd appearance on TV, 1st appearance in an animated film... And a bit pleased that they went with a variation on the udon costume... It seems like a tell tale sign which costume the character designers are more inclined to go with... but hey, the classic costume wouldn't have been a bad choice too. :3

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his classic woulda been sick hahah

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