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Lately I've been wanting to track down more comics containing Taskmaster. I've already acquired his most recent mini-series and am about to order his UDON mini series and was thinking about Battle Scars. Does anyone have any other recommendations as to what else to buy? Also heard about New Secret Avengers and plan to track those issues down some time soon.

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I am also wondering this.

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Avengers initiative is a great place to get some taskmaster action, he was a major player during dark reign :D also hes appeared in quite a few deadpool comics, also try to hunt down the agent x comics from udon, hes in those too.

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I've only started collecting Taskmaster comic appearances recently, so I can only recommend stuff that I know of (or have):

1 - Taskmaster 1 - 4 (Udon 2002) - without a doubt, the best mini he has and it's all about him and Udon's awesome alternate look

2 - Gail Simone's Deadpool run (Classics 67 - 69) and Agent X. I read somewhere that the next Deadpool Classic TBP - will have all these together - I'm waiting for that to come out so I can get them all in one go.

3 - Siren Infinity + Siren 1 - 3 (Malibu Comics 1995) Even as a just supporting character, his short appearances in the mini are all relevant and show a lot of him in the role of a "teacher"

4 - Taskmaster: Unthinkable (2011) - not a fan of the art, especially not happy with the story. In fact, I recommend you take it after reading the first 3 recommendations just so you have a good comparison perspective because this mini has inconsistencies and conflicts with his established lore. But my gripes aside, it still IS an important part of Taskmaster's bio, and a good thing to read moving forward.

5 - His appearances in Avengers: The Initiative (As suggested by TheReaper111). I agree with this 100% because again he's put in the spot of the mentor, but with a cruel villainy twist. He's got plenty of awesome moments in it leading up to Siege.

Keep in mind that with the exception of a few, Taskmaster (being a villain) is usually placed in a supporting or antagonistic role. Meaning most of the time, the focus is not on him. But he's usually a badass in most of the things he appears in.

Here's my collection, hope you find it useful.

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