mtharman's Taskmaster #1 - The Exquisite Palace review

Wanted: Taskmaster for 1,000,000,000.00 $

I love both covers for this comic, very nice display of Taskmaster.
Finally giving one of Marvels most favorite mercenaries another 4-limited series, you know that a bad guy lover myself wasn't gonna turn down this issue when I saw it slapped onto the stands of my local comic book store. I personally feel that Taskmaster is an individual that’s easy for Marvel writers and artist to display as being badass and predictable at the same time. When I read about this guy, most of the time he's just teaching instead of playing mercenary or bad guy, I might've missed allot of issue where he's knee deep in action like Deadpool, Bullseye, or even Punisher, but with this issue I know that I can get a chance to see Taskmaster out of his teaching role and more into his mindless kickass action routine.  
The Storyline: 
Wanted for 1,000,000,000.00, Taskmaster, former combat instructor for various group organizations. Last seen and current location at a local dine-in known as the Ambrosia Diner out of costume. 
With a huge bounty on his head, Taskmaster will find himself going against a huge problem when various groups and gangs would try take that bounty for themselves in this issue, how will Taskmaster manage to escape an army who's after his head, all here in this issue?  
The Good: 
 - I’m really glad that Marvel has taken the chance to have Taskmaster gain another limited series. Despite the fact that he mostly is a teacher or an instructor, we would get to see this most awesome part of Taskmaster within this issue. There are a few issues out there that would label a man like Taskmaster as a badass, but yet Marvel wouldn't have much spotlight on this character as they should've with recent issues. I also like the idea how this issue not only gives Taskmaster more spotlight, but introduces various famous group organizations that we all used to know back then, mostly ones that received an ass-kicking from SHEILD or Captain America.  
- Fred Van Lente would introduce Taskmaster in a unique way that in my opinion, compares itself in the same bad situation that is seen in the film Smokin Aces ( An Epic film by the way ). His storytelling is very focused and has a flow of excitement as we see our favorite villain be introduced to more than one problem. How Van Lente displayed Taskmaster was awesome, as we see this guy flying through a horde of former students and failing them with a decapitation or a stab through the throat. Lente's storytelling is very entertaining within this issue    and knows how to keep up with the excitement and the unique characteristics within the Taskmaster himself. 
- Jefte Palo was amazing with his artwork within this issue. His storytelling with the artwork would display Taskmaster and the bad situation that he's in with a detailed and explained flow. I loved how Taskmaster was drawn within this issue and seeing him in action was byfar one of the highlights for this comic. One part of this issue that really reached a high rating was when Palo drew other heroes that Taskmaster knew to be and displayed how Taskmaster knew their moves and used them against an enemy, now that was EPIC, with capital letters. 
The Bad: 
- I know that I may sound selfish, but I wish Marvel would give Taskmaster more than four issues. Much like giving Deadpool a chance, Taskmaster is a possible money maker for comicsales and a badass for the Marvel Comics. I think the man needs more spotlight instead of being a supporting cast within other issues. 
The Ugly:
- I know that introducing just about all the original group organizations such as Hydra, AIM, Sons of the Serpent was interesting and exciting to see within this issue. But for some reason, AIM, Hydra, Secret Empire, ULTIMATUM, Cyber Ninjas, Lords of theLiving Lightning, and Sons of the Serpent just wasn't enough? So they added four new groups and thats where I see character designing isn't Van Lente's best trait. We have, starting with the Black Choppers? Alien Bikers from outer space, yeah, kinda reminds me of the dark riders from the original Twilight Zone series. Trenchcoat Mafia? dont need to explain this one. Militiamen? As if Marvel needed a group of loonies playing Last of the Mohicans, and midget Hate-Mongers who's purpose is torture for the purposes of finding the truth, these lolli-pop kids call themselves the Inquisition. 
So my question is, were these pointless, uncreative, sorry excuse for villainous group organizations needed for this isssue? 
NO, it wasn't, it was fine with the original seven groups. 
The Conclusion: 
   Despite the added crap that Van Lente threw into this comic, there's still no disappointment, even when Van Lente threw these extra new jabronies into the storyline to be one-hit wonders. Taskmaster is a solid storyline that has itself displayed with build-up and explosion with Taskmaster flying through it as one of Marvels most greatest badass's that we all love him to be. If you haven't got a chance to see this issue, then I highly suggest that the next time you go the comicbook store, pick this issue and I promise that your chances of interest and an awesome comic would be very high.

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