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Review: Taskmaster #1

Taskmaster takes an unlucky waitress along for his runnin' and gunnin' escape from the allied forces of all the criminal organizations he's ever trained foot soldiers for.  
The Good  

The Bad   

I really wish they'd used the redesign Udon gave "Taskey" in the last solo mini-series he got however many years ago. It kept enough of the signature elements of his outfit (hood and skull) while omitted the outdated parts like the cape, trunks and pirate boots. I think it would've made for an even-more pronounced conceit of pitting this army of ludicrious-looking goons against a credible killer.

The Verdict - 4/5  

This is another case of a Marvel comic (along with Matt Fraction's Iron Man and Jonathan Hickman's SHIELD series) with a premise that's strong enough to allow it stand proudly on its own, outside the MU - - but it's that much more entertaining for building on this wealth of continuity. I'm stoked to see what criminal cabals will be trouncing next. 
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