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A young Twi'lek Force sensitive, Tasha Ryo was the daughter of Baron Volnos Ryo of Shikaakwa and Je'daii Master Koro Ryo, master of the Je'daii Temple of Knowledge at Kaleth. Raised in the Je'daii traidition in the Tython system, Ryo preferred not to carry traditional weapons, using her skills with the Force to defend herself. A Je'daii Journeyer, Ryo often found herself conflicted between her duties as a Je'daii and the loyalty demanded by her father's clan.

When on Shikaakwa, Tasha is shown arguing with her father about refusing to stay and guide clan Ryo after her father's eventual end as leader. Tasha and her father are then attacked by Kallack assassin Jaris Kan, who appears to have been old friends with Volnos Ryo. Tasha demonstrates her strength with the Force by easily deflecting the bullets from a slugthrower and disarming the assassin with little effort. She becomes distracted by an image of Xesh and her father eventually kills the assassin. She proceeds to tell her father that her dedication is to that of the Je'daii and not of clan Ryo.

Tasha sets off to find the disturbance in the Force and the truth behind the dark image of Xesh, eventually leading up to her joining fellow Je'daii Sek'nos Rath and Shae Koda.

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