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Tarrax the Tamer is an animal trainer and member of the Circus of Crime who was performing in the circus at Flushing Meadows when the Clown recognized Ben Grimm aka the Thing with his girlfriend, Alicia Masters and friend, Bill Foster. The Clown informed his boss, the Ringmaster that he saw the Thing and he may thwart his plans to use his machine called the psionic eye to hypnotize large crowds. The Thing, Alicia and Bill Foster were sitting in the audience when Ringmaster used his hypno-disk to place everyone in a deep trance but it did not work on Alicia because she was blind. She managed to break free the Thing of his trance and he started to fight members of the Circus of Crime. The Thing got some assistance from Iceman when he also attended the circus with a date. Tarrax attacked the Thing by sending several large cats at him. Alicia was taken hostage and Ringmaster told Tarrax to release the rest of the animals in their cages. Chaos ensued when a stampede occurred inside the tent but Bill Foster turned into Goliath and captured Tarrax with a giant net. The heroic trio managed to destroy the psionic eye device and defeat the Circus of Crime.


Tarrax the Tamer was created by Tom DeFalco, David Michelinie and Jerry Bingham in 1981 and first appeared in Marvel Two-In-One # 76.


He uses Tigers Cheetahs and Pumas.

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