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After a long repose, Raven Hex begins her new desire to create a perfect world for witches. She also takes on an apprentice, Willowry. A young misguided Teen , who desires the power which only Magick can bring. Meanwhile, Raven has been marked for Death by the Shadow Coven, Ninja witches! Tarot and Jon’s Romance blooms but will it be nipped in the bud?

Issue #7 begins the three part "Return of the Dark Witch" story arc opening in the dark Salem woods we find a young teenaged witch, Willowry, being chased by two men. The woods have been quiet for almost a year and the story of the dark witch Raven Hex has all but faded into urban legend. However before the two assailants can do any harm to the young Willowry, Raven appears. The men try to run, telling the witches they will be back to burn them and their woods, but a spell from Raven turns the two into toads, if only temporally.

Willowry begs Raven for the chance to become her apprentice explaining how she has sought out the dark witch after a life of being rejected, made fun of by school mates, ignored by school administrators, and neglected by her parents. Willowry says she was about to "end it" when she discovered a article about Raven on the internet and decided she wanted to be a powerful witch like her so she started worshiping Satan and ran away from home. Raven takes pity on the poor misguided girl and accepts her as her apprentices first explaining her misunderstanding that no part of witchcraft includes worship of the devil.

Next Tarot explains how the cards have always played a role in her fate and how her sister has tipped the scales and brought Salem into a dark time and made the town a hot spot for negative energy. To that end she has enlisted the help of some local witches who have combined their forces to cast a protection spell over the town.

Meanwhile the dark witches of the Shadow Coven, somewhere in Salem have marked the rogue Raven Hex for death and plot to finish her so witches will not have to suffer anymore for her actions.

Back at Ravens tower in the Salem woods she explains to an eager Willowry how her body is a interment of magic and must be cared for, no excesses, no drugs, no alcohol, she tells her to remove her clothing and bath in the cauldron of healing to repair her cuts and bruises. Willowry does as her master commands and reluctantly enters the green pool in the nude to find her cuts and scrapes quickly disappearing.

Meanwhile in another part of the dark woods Tarots mother meets with Robert, a Salem Police officer. Robert thanks her for coming as well as all the help she has provided the police force in the past. Tarots Mother replies, "I'm a witch, it's what we do. We help people." Leading her to a body at the edge of the woods Robert pulls the sheet back to reveal the decapitated corpus of a man he has identified as a know drug dealer. The witch sees a vision of a evil commanding her to bring her daughters to the old covered bridge on the night of the dark moon or the beheadings will continue with the children of Salem. She promises the officer that she can bring an end to the killings

Emerging from her healing pool Willowry finds her clothes have been stolen by Ravens goblins. Raven presents her apprentices with her new clothes, a black see through body stocking with cobweb designs and black widow symbols.

Tarot is still talking about how the cards are reveling her path in life and she thanks the goddess for her the new love in her life, the dark knight Skeleton Man. She feels rejuvenated as thought she is experiencing the death of her old self an the awakening of a new with the spring as she sees the cards in her future:


Ace of Cups

Knight of Swords


Two of Cups

Ten of Cups

Tarot Cards give the fate of the Black Roes Witch Rowan

Downstairs a nervous Jon aka Skeleton Man, with a bouquet of flowers in hand, tries to summon the courage to ring the doorbell at Witch Hollow. Before he has to touch the bell Tarot open the door and greets him, Jon pours out his heart to her and confesses his love and the two kiss. The two share a very intimate night and connect not only on a physical but on a spiritual level. Later in Rowans bedroom Jon gets up for a drink and is surprised by Tarots mother as she enters the room. He is a bit embarrassed by his nudity but the witch is not phased in the slightest. Tarots mother is there to warn her daughter about the danger present in Salem and caution her to keep Jon away form the peril for his own protection.

Inside Ravens tower it is only Willowry's second day of training in the craft and she is already discouraged by the difficulty. Reading, ingredients, cleaning, memorizing the Theban Alphabet, she is quickly growing tired of doing everything but spell casting. While out gathering mushrooms she comes across Crypt Chick, the ghost girl who is a resident of Jon's haunted Salem woods cemetery. Crypt Chick shows Willowry a manuscript, a spell that would bring her from ghost back to the flesh. She offers to let the young witch copy it and cast it for her, Willowry jumps at the chance even though she knows her mistress will not approve of her working with such an advanced spell.

Back at her tower Raven Hex considers how her last year has been spent since the events of the Witch Wars in Tarot #1. She has been deep in study and healing honing her craft to a fine art and strengthening herself. She exclaimes that she now has a new focus, she will rise up and island from the sea, a safe haven for witches to practice their craft until such time that they are ready to overtake the world of man an become rulers. The spell to raise the island is exhausting to her but as she regains her strength the time draws near and on the next full moon she will bring forth her desire. The first chapter in the Return of the Dark Witch ends as Raven rests and prepares for whats to come.

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This has to be one of my favorite issues in the Tarot series, first off I will give a forewarning that although there is nudity in this issue, in my opinion it is all tasteful and fits well with the story. However, that is not the reason I love this issue so much, I love this issue because it is really a darker story, one of my favorite things about Tarot is the darker themes, the more villainous villains, something that disappears in time yet is still preserved in this early issue. Here we get ...

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Part One of Three Nicely Setting the Pace 0

Ah yeah, my favorite Dark Witch is back, Raven Hex.This is part one of a three parter and surprisingly not much was developed in this story, but I liked the flow of the comic anyway.Another new character Willowry has shown up. She's wants to apprentice our Dark Witch, reluctantly Raven Hex takes her on.Skeleton Man and Tarot consummate their love in what seemed like some pretty incredible sex, and Tarot's mother finds out there is someone or something out there that's after her ki...

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